Nurse recruitment

Nurse recruitment
+ Signing your agreement

Nurse recruitment
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+ Signing agreements

About product

About Recruitment

From the beginning our company focuses only on nurses that’s why we can say that we know our applicants, we understand them, and know what they want. Based on our experience we can say what tools and investments we need to do to give you the numbers you need in a time. We know the market and different offers of jobs so we can advise you on how to optimize it. We face so many challenges with this target that not many things could be new with it. That is why success is easier to achieve. We focus on quality and we are looking for partners with common values.

Signing your agreement

In cooperation with people from other countries, we saw that one of the biggest problems is cultural differences and communication. If you need many nurses and you don’t want to waste potential, you need to outsource this process to our company. We saw that if you take nurses directly from us with your and our agreements, the number of people that start working in Norway with you could be about 85-90% of the people that will start preparations.

Language course

Some languages are not popular in nurses’ environments that’s why sometimes you will need to teach nurses the language of your country. This process is crucial and long that’s why we can help with the organization and logistics of this process. We handle so many challenges in it that we can prepare a process that will avoid a lot of it from the beginning. How to learn, what to demand, when to check, how to check, when and how to contact people, how to avoid losing people, how to take care of all, how to cooperate with school, what is the best way to teach people. We know it because we tested it. That’s why we can organize it well for you!

Don’t waste your company’s potential savings on it!

Customer service

In the long process, there are a lot of risks calculated when you need to work with people, however, you made the process, there are always a lot of variations that are needed to be taken care of. That’s why when you need to teach people for several months is important to take care of your investment. 90% of problems are the same, but they need to be taken care of because if not they will backfire on us. That is why there needs to be somebody that understands how nurses think and can help them and answer their fears. Sometimes the process is long, and it is the best tool to protect it! Meetings, organization, progress checking, answers to problems, passing the information about cultural differences, describing details, camp organization, taking care of dropping contracts, passing the information about cultural differences, and a lot more things that you won’t need to think of.

Based on our previous experience with a process that took a year or more, with problems at the beginning, in the middle, and at the beginning of work in a different country, we know what to do! And we are happy to help!

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Additional value of our cooperation:

As our partner, you can count on our advice! There are a lot of legal things that you need to remember when you recruit from Poland, with us you don’t need to think about it you will be informed or we will make this job done. There are a lot of challenges in this topic starting with agreements with nurses and having allowance to recruit, ending on personal data. A good process starts with good agreements and it is base for a good recruitment process for your company!

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